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Website design is at the core of what we do. If you’re looking for professional website design in Tyler, look no further for expert knowledge and direction.

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What We Can Do For You

Custom Coded Web Design in Tyler Texas

Custom Coded Web Design

If you are in need of a website that is completely unique and customized to you or your business, look no further than Bailes + Zindler. Our extensive knowledge of various programming languages and web frameworks help us create exceptional web experiences for you and your customers.
Mobile Website Design in Tyler Texas

Mobile Development

It’s imperative that your business have a mobile-optimized site. In fact, Google has stated that having a mobile-friendly (responsive) website will be a direct influence on a site’s ranking in search results. We can develop a mobile site for you, or make a new one with your existing website.

Responsive Website Development

Having a responsive website means that the website looks great on any device, from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. We develop responsive websites that look great on any platform.

Content Management System

We use the latest in content management systems to make your site easier to manage and update. WordPress is our CMS of choice.

WordPress Development

WordPress has become a key asset in our web development process. Its ability to integrate your site and blog into one complete platform makes it an incredible tool for the success of your digital presence. We develop some of our websites using WordPress.

Magento Development

Magento is specifically designed for ecommerce websites. It offers unmatched creative content ability and design freedom to ensure the success of your online store. We can develop your online store with Magento to ensure more customer conversions and store visibility.

Landing Page Development

In some cases, your business will need a simple landing page to tell potential customers about general information, product offerings, or contact details. We can develop for you a simple cost-effective solution that will put your brand in front of customers quickly.

Ecommerce Development

A successful online store is one that is visually-appealing, user-friendly, easily searchable/navigable, fast, and has an easy-to-use checkout. We have extensive experience in online retail marketing and designing. If you have an existing online store, or need to design one, we can assist you with crafting a beautiful ecommerce solution.

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